Green-Hand Henderson

by Susan Henderson on August 31, 2006

My Son’s Been Fired. And He’s Only in Elementary School.

Yesterday, my youngest son handed me a note when he got off the school bus. During cleanup time in Art class, he’d painted his hand green. His punishment, besides the note I had to sign, was that he was “fired” from his new job of hall monitor. He’s been trying to get the job for two years and today would have been his first day. But due to the paint incident, he was told he lacked maturity for the job. Mr. Henderson thought this was a lot like taking the kids to Disneyland, and then, because they misbehaved in the parking lot, driving straight back to the airport and telling them they blew it. Sigh.

More bad news for Green-Hand Henderson.

Regular readers of this blog might remember how my son painted his hand green in art class and was subsequently fired as hall monitor because his green hand showed he was too immature to handle the job.

And now, on the bill from the dentist are two words: “Thumb habit.” This means: No more thumb. No more thumb while holding his little stuffed puppy that is thin as a handkerchief. I’m not ready for him to be so mature.

But there is some good news. Green-Hand Henderson made his debut at our local open-mic over the weekend. I hope I’ve uploaded the MP3 correctly. Here’s Green-Hand singing Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues. That’s him playing the guitar, too.

If you have trouble playing the MP3, click here.

This is a recording made right before open mic (though the picture is of him performing). He had kind of an unexpected burst of confidence when he got on stage and really belted it out and then jumped right in to The Yellow Submarine after that. It was awesome, though worrisome when people started whistling and yelling his name. The last thing we need is another Henderson taking the low-paying, chaotic path of the artist.

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