Cat's Away

by Terry on March 3, 2007

Howdy folks. Sue is away from computer type devices between the dates March 3 and March 11, so she asked me to close the shop up a little while she’s away, which means comments will be closed (there’ll be a little message that says you must be logged in to post a comment, and since you can’t log in, well, you can’t post a comment), and there’ll be very little if any updating on the LitPark website/blog/sandbox. There are lots of other things you could do, of course. I mean, consider the laundry that’s been building up just since you started reading this message, for instance. Also, you know, you could be writing (wink).

Don’t hate me. I’m just following directions. I’m not always so good at following directions, though, so you never actually know what might happen around here while our host is missing.

If you have questions or concerns regarding what the heck is the matter (though nothing is the matter… sheesh… can’t a gal take a few days off?), you could email me at, or you could just sit on your hands. But I still recommend composing six or seven thousand words and calling it a good week.


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