If you're in NYC this Thursday… (the mail bag post)

by Susan Henderson on May 27, 2007

People have asked me before if I’m really up blogging at midnight, and the answer is, No. I just set my blogs to load automatically, and right now, as this is loading, I’m at a friend’s house for a bonfire. I brought some tricky bits from my novel with me because that’s where my head is at; and if I get a chance to work in some back corner, I’ll take it.


More from the mail bag: A bunch of you have dropped me notes wondering about a TV pilot I filmed a few months ago. The answer is (a) I don’t know, and/or (b) I might have signed a contract that keeps me from answering your question, and/or (c) Ninja. Sorry the answers have to be so boring!


And now on to the real reason for a rare Sunday post. I know a lot of you are in NY this week for the Backspace conference and for BEA (click that link to see a little trick for getting in free with a blogger’s press pass). I’ve lost count of the notes people sent about wanting to meet up (I’m sorry! My head is shoved deep inside my book and my mail’s been screwy), so if you want to catch up with me, here’s some idea of where I’ll be and when ….

I’ll be in the city all day, Thursday, May 31st.

1pm The Algonquin Hotel
59 West 44th Street
Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

From 1:00 – 1:45, I’m on a panel at the Backspace conference, talking about Creating Memorable Characters with Mark Bastable, Jon Clinch, Renee Rosen, and Jeff Kleinman. I haven’t prepared for it one bit because that’s how Jeff, our moderator, likes it. I’ll let you know how we all do… winging it!

I don’t know if you can just pop into the conference, but you can certainly call me down to the lobby.

In all likelihood, I’ll be tucked into a corner of the lobby trying to make deadline on my book whenever there’s downtime.

6:30 Blog/Media Party 1
Lower East Side

From 6:30-8:30, I’m going to a party that’s invitation-only, though I’m sure I can bring a friend.

8:00 Blog Party 2
Kettle of Fish
59 Christopher Street

Anywhere from 8-11pm, I should be at The Lit-Blog Co-Op at BEA. Here’s their flier:

These are all rough estimates, of course, but at some point I’ll be in each of these places. And I’m pretty certain, I’ll be hanging with Robin Slick and Mark Bastable through much of the evening.

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lance reynald May 27, 2007 at 9:30 am

we have a mailbag?

hmm…..who knew?

wish I was coming to the city to play, but….I’m busy in the pantry.

tell all the other kids I said “hi”.



Susan Henderson May 27, 2007 at 10:52 am

“mailbag,” i.e. Sue’s inbox got too full and she’s been too busy to respond to every letter.

Get back to your writing, Lance. I challenge you to two finished chapters by the end of the day.

(To my soccer buddies, that was so nice last night. I’m skipping this afternoon to work. xx)


LaurenBaratz-Logsted May 28, 2007 at 6:23 am

No Backspace banquet for you Thursday night?


Darrin May 30, 2007 at 11:49 pm

Susan, I’m going to stop by Kettle o’ Fish tomorrow night. I’ll try not to keep you from your novel for too long.

Then again, I live just a subway ride away so I have no excuse not to go.


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