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Question of the Month: You on the Web

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If my in-laws lived in Kansas, that’s where I would be right now. Alas, they live in Hawaii.

(That’s my mother-in-law’s house and Mr. Henderson’s behind.)

I’m taking this month off from LitPark, but I thought this would be a good time for us to share our various websites. I’ll list mine here:

MySpace (me, LitPark)
FaceBook (me, LitPark)

Now, list your websites in the comments section. And please feel free to mention any upcoming books, readings, or other news you’d like to share. I’ll comment when I’m back in town.


Next month, I’ll post a new question and interview for you. And now I’ll leave you with a little news from the last few weeks…

harley 1 harley 2

My boys played some songs for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame at Lighthouse Harley Davidson. Hell’s Angels were in the audience, as were members of Twisted Sister. Was pretty funny.

And, if you’d like to see how Purple Day went, Robin Slick has a great re-cap over here, with photos!

Take good care of each other while I’m away.

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Susan Henderson