Interviews and Reviews

The 14:55 Interview with Susan Henderson
at 1455 Literary Arts — October, 2020

Resounds: Susan Henderson
on Yellowstone Public Radio — August, 2019

High Plains Book Awards Finalist: “The Flicker of Old Dreams: Hope and Despair in a Small Town”
at Billings Gazette — July, 2019

Can Old Dreams Be Made Real Again?
at Great Falls Tribune — April, 2019

Old Dreams and New Realities
at Dear Reader magazine — October, 2018

Susan Henderson On How to Deal with Failure & Critique
at Famous Failures Podcast — September, 2018

Unifying Your Fiction
at The Writer magazine — September, 2018

The Introvert’s Guide to Publishing with Susan Henderson
at the Literary Speaking podcast — September, 2018

Helen Little Interviews Susan Henderson
at The Public Library Podcast (iHeart radio) — August, 2018

The Flicker of Old Dreams Review
at Little Miss Funeral — June, 2018

Interview with Susan Henderson
at More2Read Must Read Books — June, 2018

Merrick Library Interviews Susan Henderson
at TopShelf Podcast — June, 2018

Karen Stefano in Conversation with Susan Henderson and Amy Wallen
at RareBirdLit — June, 2018

Nightstand Books We Recommend
at Wonderlust Travel Magazine — May, 2018

Susan Henderson’s The Flicker of Old Dreams
at The Memphis Flyer — May, 2018

IBD & Measuring Success by Relationships
at Shelf Awareness — April, 2018

Small-Town Tragedy, Big-Time Resentments
at Los Angeles Review of Books — April, 2018

My First Mentor
at The Quivering Pen — April, 2018

Book Review: The Flicker of Old Dreams
at The London Economic — April, 2018

Trailer Park Tuesday
at The Quivering Pen — April, 2018

Susan Henderson’s Giant, Living, Moving Library
at The Quivering Pen — April, 2018

Susan Henderson Talks about The Flicker of Old Dreams
at Caroline Leavittville — April, 2018

Book Review: A Flicker of Old Dreams by Susan Henderson
at BookReporter — April, 2018

Writing Is An Act of Faith
at Psychology Today — March, 2018

Writers on Writing
at KUCI 88.9 fm — March, 2018

The Intersection of Fiction and Poetry (part 1) 
at WNBA’s The BookWoman — March, 2018

The Intersection of Fiction and Poetry (part 2)
at WNBA’s The BookWoman — March, 2018

Looking Death in the Eye
at BookPage — March, 2018

Town of Winnett Inspires Novel by New York Author
at Lewistown News-Argus — March, 2018

The Flicker of Old Dreams by Susan Henderson
at More2Read Must Read Books — March, 2018

The Flicker of Old Dreams – An Interview with Susan Henderson
at Book Club Babble — March, 2018

Long Island Writer Goes Off the Grid
at Long Island Woman — March, 2018

Editor Sara Nelson in Conversation with Susan Henderson
at HarperCollins — January, 2018

The Heroine’s Journey of Susan Henderson
at Peter de Kuster‘s The Heroine’s Journey — September 25, 2017

Author Profile: Susan Henderson’s Small Town Blues
(Susan Henderson sets her novel The Flicker of Old Dreams
in a Montana town shaped by a past tragedy)
at Publishers Weekly — September 11, 2017

Karen Stefano in Conversation with Susan Henderson
at RareBirdLit — December, 2015

Writers on Craft
at Fictionaut — August, 2013

Susan Henderson and Rosie O’Donnell on Up from the Blue
at Rosie Radio — April, 2011

Susan Henderson on Up from the Blue
at Talking with Tim — April, 2011

On-Air Book Club
at Adam Lambert Radio — March, 2011

The Fear that You’re Broken in Some Way
at Michael Kimball’s The Faster Times — March, 2011

Women Share Stories about Drinking
at Drinking Diaries — March, 2011

A Discussion about Mentors and Writing Tips
at Fictionaut Five — February, 2011

First a Novel, Then Conversations & Connections
at Shelf Awareness — February, 2011

Authors Tell You What Inspired Their Work
at Visual Thesaurus — January, 2011

First Obsessions
at BookReporter — December, 2010

A 1/2 Dozen Questions
at Home of Baggott & Asher & Bode — December, 2010

Swag Bag 2010
at The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog — December, 2010

M.J. Rose’s Backstory
at Like Fire — November, 2010

Does Publishing a Book Make You a Writer?
at The San Francisco Book Review — October, 2010

Blue Door, Steel Curtain: An Interview With Susan Henderson
at The Nervous Breakdown — October, 2010

5 Questions for Susan Henderson
at The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog — October, 2010

Book Notes – UP FROM THE BLUE Playlist
at LargeHearted Boy — October, 2010

The 5-Question Author Interview with Meredith Gordon Resnick
at The Writer’s [Inner] Journey — October, 2010

at The Nervous Breakdown — September, 2010

Interview with Maureen Dempsey
at Hybrid Mom — September, 2010

Interview with Jennifer Haupt
at One True Thing (Psychology Today) blog — September, 2010

The Importance of Community
at Rebecca Rasmussen’s The Bird Sisters blog — September, 2010

An interview with Caroline Leavitt
at Caroline Leavittville — September, 2010

Inspiration and the Writing Process
at Robin Antalek — September, 2010

An Interview with Ben Opipari on Process and iPhone Composing
at Writers On Process — September, 2010

Guest Column: At What Point Can You Call Yourself a Writer?
at Guide to Literary Agents — September, 2010

Susan Henderson: Trust Your (re)Vision
at Make A Scene — January, 2010

Susan Henderson at Squaw Valley
at The Agony Column — October, 2009

Serious Frolic in LitPark
at Inside-Out China — June, 2008

Sneak Preview: Interview with Litpark’s Susan Henderson
at Make A Scene — November, 2008

Susan Henderson – Author, Of Motörhead & Recipient Of Academy Of American Poets
at Up Close and Personal — May, 2007

FEATURED EDITOR INTERVIEW: Susan Henderson – Former Managing Editor of Night Train Literary
at A View From The Top — May, 2007

Deep Blue Interview
at David Niall Wilson — January, 2006

TothWorld: #23
at Toth News Podcast — February, 2006

at Too Beautiful — February, 2006

Susan Henderson Interview, Part I
at Eight Diagrams — September, 2006

“One summer I thought I had writer’s block, I plotted an entire book”: How To Beat Writer’s Block
at The Publishing Spot — December, 2006