Weekly Wrap: Our Lives in the 80s

by Susan Henderson on February 2, 2007

I don’t normally run ads on LitPark, but what the hell, I like these folks and they’ve been good to me:

I’ll have more to say about this in the next few weeks, I’m sure. Okay, on to the weekly wrap . . . .


What a fun week, hearing all of your stories of what you did (and wore!) in the 80s. And who knew so many of us writers used to dance at Tracks nightclub in D.C.?! Graduates of Tracks University: Lance Reynald, Alexander Chee, Elizabeth Crane, Amy Bryant, mattilda, Amy Kiger Williams, me. Any more out there? If anyone can find me a non-x-rated link to Tracks, I’ll post it here with a credit to you.

I promised some photos, so here we go:

This is when I was in junior high. I did not fit well into any one group (though I wanted to be a grit).

Well, here’s a nice dress from the 80s – the gray and pink theme (you probably can’t see the ultra-thin pink headband, but I know you can see the shoulder pads). This is inside of DARPA, where I typed my school papers and learned about robots and arpanet.

Here’s a boy I dated in high school (this is the best of him). I told a story about him once at Happy Ending, or some such NYC club. (Mom, don’t click the link!)

If you think the bad 80s outfits ended in high school, you obviously didn’t know me in college.

I’m going to finish up by posting a couple photos of my best, best friend from college (in his 80s gear). I miss him something awful, and maybe he’ll be able to find me now.

Anyone here remember that poster? Boy, I sure don’t remember having sconces in my old dorm room – funny the things you take for granted.

And just in case anyone wondered if I might be a neatnik, here’s a shot of my dorm. It looks like it might actually swallow my friend. If you could take a picture of the inside of my head, it would probably look the same.


Don’t forget who started all this talk of 80s clothes and music and movies. If you haven’t checked out Amy Bryant‘s book, POLLY, yet or made her your MySpace friend, now’s an excellent time.

And thanks to all of you who answered the Question of the Week: Simon Haynes, amy, mattilda, Robin Slick, Myfanwy Collins, Aimee, margy1248, mary, Kris Yankee, Avital, Ronlyn Domingue, Kimberly, Tish Cohen, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, *Joe*, Paula, Betsy, Lance Reynald, Pete, Gail Siegel, Antoine Wilson, n.l. belardes, Noria, Claudia, Jordan, Richard, Deidre Bonham, Jim Simpson, Jonathan Evison, Megan, Bruce Hoppe, Ric Marion, Aurelio, Carolyn Burns Bass, Alexander Chee, Leary, Paul A. Toth, Brent Robison, Mark Bastable, my favorite editor in the universe, Tom Williams, and my fabulous, O. Henry Award-winning webmaster, Terry Bain.

A quickie note about Paul Toth, who runs a totally engaging and original podcast: He’s offering writers a chance to read their work on his show. It can’t be self-published work, sorry, but if you have something published online or you want to read a bit from your book, send your bio to tothnews at aol dot com and stick LITPARK SENT ME in the heading. Paul’s one of the real good guys in this business and I hope some of you will go get to know him. Oh – and if you click here, you’ll hear why I should never do radio, and really, why I shouldn’t talk on the phone, either.


Stop by tomorrow for the last-ever Saturday on LitPark (yep, that’s right, my family wants me all to themselves on weekends). Robin Slick will be here to announce next week’s guest.


P.S. for Neil: Penn Jillette


Question of the Week: 80s

by Susan Henderson on January 29, 2007

Where were you in the 80s? And what were you doing?


Wednesday, Amy Bryant will be here to talk about POLLY, her book set in the 1980s and featuring a teenager who wears a bracelet made of fish hooks and listens to hardcore punk.

I’ll see you then. But in the meantime, if you’re on MySpace, you can make Amy your friend.


Attention, please: Next week, I’m expecting the traffic to be very very heavy. I’m not entirely sure my site or the photos I’ll be posting can withstand the traffic. And to complicate things, I’ll be on jury duty most of the day. So, if you’re interested in being in on the fun, I’m going to ask you to subscribe to the RSS feed now. The RSS view of the site should not crash. Okay, that’s all and thanks!