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Question of the Month: Celebration

by Susan Henderson on February 18, 2018

Tell me how you’ve celebrated big moments in your life, whether it’s a book launch, a birthday, a marathon run, a clean bill of health, a sobriety anniversary, weight loss, or any other hard-won accomplishment.

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I’m not actually very good at celebrating. The above picture is how I look when I try to party. Unsure. Off in the back corner of the room, awkward and alone.

I’m not much into whooping it up. In school, I didn’t dress up for St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween. I didn’t cheer at pep rallies, though all students were required to go. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. I find it all tiring, burdensome—a real stretch for my personality.

But March is the month my new book goes out into the world, and I worked too hard on it not to acknowledge its birth. So while I suck at parties, I’m always willing to try something new. If you have ideas about how to celebrate, put them in the comments section. I will at least think about trying them!


As far as my book launch goes, it will be at The Turn of the Corkscrew on Long Island. You can RSVP here. They are a block and a half from the Rockville Center stop on the LIRR, and they have a fantastic menu. And wine! I will be gloriously happy to see you there.

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If you want to help this little book’s trajectory into the world, here are some things you can do: Pre-order or buy on the launch day (it’s all about first-day sales). Post photos of yourself or your pet with the book. If you go to an event, post photos of yourself and the book while you’re there. And if you like what you read, tell others or post reviews on social media.


All of that said, if you have been on this long journey and have yet to celebrate a finished manuscript, an acceptance letter, or a book launch, what I’m posting below is for you with love, because this has been a long journey, and so much of it has felt like failure. Keep hanging in there and keep sending out your work!

Rejected but Not Defeated

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Who Owns Our Truths?

At What Point Can You Call Yourself a Writer?

I’m going to leave you with a few hopeful thoughts—and yes, I’ve shared them before because they’ve buoyed me through hard times: Harper Lee only wrote one book (To Kill a Mockingbird). E. Annie Proulx published her first novel (Postcards) when she was 57, Frank McCourt published his first (Angela’s Ashes) at 66, and so did Karl Marlantes, who worked on his (Matterhorn) for 33 years.

You still have time to tell your stories.


Question of the Month: Launch

by Susan Henderson on September 6, 2010

Launch: To set in motion; to introduce to the public or to a market; to give someone a start. It’s a brand new season. What are you setting in motion? Starting a new book? Applying for writer grants? Sending out a short story? Rekindling your marriage? Collecting new recipes? Let’s hear about something you’re about to launch, even the smallest thing.

September 21st marks the launch of my novel. The book launch is a group effort between me, HarperCollins, and any of you who’d like to join us in announcing the publication of UP FROM THE BLUE. After the launch, it’s up to the strength of the book and word of mouth to reach success. I hope you all have big mouths! 😀

I’ll say more about all of this on the 21st. In the meantime, here’s a link to an on-air show I’m doing on October 26th with BookClubGirl Internet Radio (if you sign up, you’ll get reminders sent to you). And here’s the book trailer Mr. Henderson made for my book with music by our friend, Scott House, who composes for movie trailers. Enjoy! And don’t forget to tell your own launch story in the comments section…