Charles Shaughnessy

Question of the Month: Holiday Plans

by Susan Henderson on December 6, 2010

Tell me about your holiday plans and a tradition you keep.


I’ve been unusually busy writing essays this past month. I have one over at Powell’s about young narrators in adult books, another at BookReporter about the book that turned me into an obsessive reader, another at The San Francisco Book Review about my first signing, another at BookClubGirl about a little boy who wanted magic powers for Christmas, and another at Backstory about, well, the backstory of my novel.

A few more links: I interviewed Renée Thompson here and Shawn Anderson here. And I am so appreciative of these new reviews of my book from Steph the BookwormBooks and Cooks, By the Way, and Dory Adams’ In This Light. I especially like the recommendation of my book on Julianna Baggott’s site, where she simply says, “It’s not what you think.”

UP FROM THE BLUE is now available at Sears, Target, and Sam’s Club, along with most bookstores… in case you’re looking for a cheap holiday gift. And if you buy it from Amazon, let me encourage you to use Charles Shaughnessy’s Amazon store, where he’s very graciously chosen my book as this month’s feature, because a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Okay, looking forward to hearing about your holidays, so let the stories begin!