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Weekly Wrap: Where We Live.

by Susan Henderson on May 18, 2007

You want to know who won the link-to-Tommy-Kane contest? You’ll have to get to the end of this post to find out who, and what she won.

Quick wrap this week because I am working like crazy to hit my deadline for novel edits, which has included the following activities:

1. curling up in a ball and crying for 2 days with no idea of where to start
2. pacing and crying for a day with a couple of mediocre thoughts
3. getting this total hot-shot idea and rolling up my sleeves, knowing it’s going to be great
4. sobbing again – you know how rewrites go

Is this the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen? I have this picture sitting very close to where I work because I want something about this joy to find its way into my book. If you want to know who this person is, you can click on either of my MySpace pages and listen to him sing. He makes me happy.


Thanks to those who answered the Question of the Week from Aizumi, Japan (Suzanne Kamata), Perth, Western Australia (Simon Haynes), London, England (Mark Bastable), Kent, England (Clare Grant), Channel Islands, France (Frances O’Brien), Paris, France (amy), Nice, France (Mike C), Rome, Italy (Nathalie), Edinburgh, Scotland (Colin), Dyfi, Wales (David Thorpe), Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Loraine), California (Noria, Antoine Wilson, Kaytie, Carolyn Burns Bass, Aurelio, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Julie Ann Shapiro, daryl, n.l. belardes), Colorado (lance reynald, Jody Reale, Susanna), Connecticut (Lauren Baratz-Logsted, FiveKids55), Georgia (Lori Oliva, Lee), Illinois (Betsy, Laura Benedict, Gail Siegel), Kentucky (Paula), Louisiana (Pia, Ronlyn), Michigan (Ric Marion), New Hampshire (Myfanwy Collins), New Jersey (Amy Kiger-Williams), New Mexico (Richard, Bruce Hoppe), New York (Ellen Meister, Kim Brittingham, Kimberly, robert westfield, Jason Boog, me), North Carolina (David Niall Wilson), Oregon (Colin Matthew), Pennsylvania (Robin Slick, Jessica, A.S. King), Texas (Claudia, Jennifer Shumate), Washington (Jonathan Evison, Terry Bain, Dennis Mahagin).

And thank you to my lovely guest from South Africa, Ken Barris, for writing such a tremendous book.


Oh, right, the mystery prize. The prize was a day to take over my blog and use it for any purposes whatsoever. So some day very soon you’ll be able to see what Laura Benedict has in store for us! I told her to go ahead and get crazy, and she just might.