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Weekly Wrap: Oh, the Places We Go

by Susan Henderson on November 9, 2007

There’s a ballpark near our house, and if you go early enough on weekdays, you can bend the rules a little.

My boys ride their bikes to every exit and shut the gates.

Then we let our dogs run at full speed. We give Jack a head start because Steve, our greyhound, is super fast.

We drink our coffee while they’re running. This little guy needs no cup of coffee in the morning, though he could use a comb.

Then we’re off to school and work, and the dogs have the house to themselves. Life is good.


I want to end with some announcements: In September, you met my friend, Pierre Berg, who at age 83 gave LitPark his first-ever interview about his time as a prisoner at Auschwitz. I’m very happy to announce that Pierre has a book deal for his memoir, and you can find the details over at Publishers Marketplace. He’s also had a number of editors from literary magazines step forward with offers to excerpt it. I’m so unbelievably happy for Pierre and grateful for all of you who helped make this happen. Thank you!

There’s also good news for all three of LitPark’s monthly column writers, past and present: Pasha Malla has a collection and a novel coming out with House of Anansi, Frank Daniels had his novel picked up by HarperPerennial, and the remarkable Lance Reynald finished his manuscript.

Lance’s novel is called POP SALVATION, and Alexander Chee and I were lucky enough to read it right out of the gates. I can tell you it’s brave and tender and heartbreaking and sexy and brilliant. If you are a publisher, editor or agent and want to read a copy, just contact him here. Or you can track him down live at the Wordstock Festival this weekend. Lance is one of the greatest souls I know, and I’m so awfully proud of him.


Feel like adopting a greyhound?


It was so great reading your answers to Monday’s Question of the Week. I liked having a peek at everyone on a normal day – a peek into the fridge, the drive to work, the walk to the park with your dog. Loved your stories! Thank you to Pia Ehrhardt for being my guest this week and for writing a book I enjoyed so much. And thanks to all of you who linked to LitPark this week: Bob Martin Art, Emerging Writers, Official Gaiman LiveJournal, City of Walls, Pia’s Nest, SmokeLong Quarterly News, Myfanwy Collins, Dzanc Books, Daryl Ebneezra Kadabra, and Zoetrope. I appreciate those links!

P.S. You know I often link my number one blog stop, Tommy Kane. But if you have time, make sure you also check out his wife, Yun, who’s on flickr. Okay, have a great weekend, everyone!