Question of the Month: Wish List

by Susan Henderson on December 5, 2011

What’s on your holiday wish list?

You might accuse me of being a scrooge for saying this, but I’m not nuts about presents. Or holidays.

Everyone in my family works hard. The last thing I want to do is make holiday time feel like more work instead of vacation. I like our house without the clutter of decorations. And as for gifts, we already have everything we need.

I’ve always preferred the joy of the ordinary and the unplanned. Mr. H and I go on a date once a week while the boys are in music rehearsal, but these dates never involve flowers or expensive dinners or dressing up. We often go for a walk or a drive or find a little cafe that serves good soup. Sometimes we’ll wander up and down the aisles of Home Depot or hold ferrets at a pet store. But mostly, we’re just hanging out. Make it fancy or expensive or formal in any way, and it’s no longer fun.

So what’s on my wish list? Just time. Time to sit with my family in front of the fire, time for walks, time to read, time to bake something when we have a craving for it.


In other news, I was interviewed recently by PubSlush. Interesting guy and interesting questions. And UP FROM THE BLUE was featured in both The Dallas Morning News and the UK’s Book Hugger this week (they gave it an awesome review)! And New Books Magazine in the UK said this: “Thoughtfully written…beautiful and utterly convincing – 5 stars.” Cool to get some coverage more than a year from its publication! Also, grateful to the Clattering Keys blog for recommending my book as a holiday gift. Check out the full list; I’m in very fine company.

And speaking of fine company, I was invited to contribute an essay to a pretty cool anthology I’ll say more about soon. Other authors who are in on this project include Joyce Maynard, Jackie Mitchard, Ann Hood, Pam Houston, and Elissa Schappell. Last thing… thanks to the marvelous Jessica Keener, my book is at The Authors Bookstore at Red Room. They have a very interesting sales policy that benefits the writer so please consider doing your holiday shopping with them!

If you’re free on Wednesday, December 7th, I’d love to see you at the Huntington Book Revue. I’ll be reading and signing books with the incredibly talented (and funny!) Alix Strauss. Should be a good time!