how do writers keep at it

Question of the Month: Endurance

by Susan Henderson on January 5, 2009

They say success often has to do with hanging on after everyone else has let go. It’s a game of endurance.

Given the current status of the publishing industry and what you already know about the tough climb to have a career as a writer, how do you keep at it? How do you stay motivated, creative, not lose faith, though it feels like it’s taking forever to get where you want to go?


Wednesday you’ll meet Jimmy Margulies, editorial cartoonist for The Record.

You may also know his work from Time, Newsweek,, and some of this country’s major newspapers. Jimmy knows all about the focus and stamina required to reach your goal. He also has great ideas about how to be creative on a deadline, and he’ll show you the process behind drawing his amazing political cartoons. I hope you’ll be back to welcome him.


One last thing. My kids started a band called Phonebook, and here’s a really poor-quality video of their first gig:

Green-Hand‘s on guitar, and Bach-Boy‘s on keys and most of the vocals.