Question of the Month: Fair

by Susan Henderson on April 5, 2010

Tell me a story of you at the fair. What did you eat? What caught your attention? Did you ever get separated from your group? Did you win a prize? Did you raise your hand when the hypnotist called for volunteers? I want to hear all about it.

Speaking of fairs, I’m starting to learn more about what happens to books just before they’re published, and one of those things is that they are carted to The London Book Fair in April. The hope is that your book creates a pre-publication buzz and nabs some foreign rights sales.


This is what the galley version of my book looks like, and it will be in someone’s suitcase this month, flying off to London. It’s a little like sending your child off on an airplane ride without you, and you hope she’s in good hands, never overlooked or left unattended but loved, included, and delighting those who meet her.


If you have a moment to pop over to The Nervous Breakdown, I recently interviewed author Danielle Trussoni, and I’d love for you to join the conversation. We talked about her novel, ANGELOLGY, as well as her road to publication and how Will Smith’s production company is handling the movie version of her book. Hope to see you there!