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Weekly Wrap: Taking Our Next Steps.

by Susan Henderson on April 20, 2007

Here’s a secret about me. If I don’t know what to do next, I’m happy to turn to my horoscope or use Neil Gaiman’s magic 8 ball. Why do I do this? Because moving in any direction at all is better than drumming my fingers. (Can you tell I’m an Aries?) In my experience, there are many, many right moves to make. You just have to get started and take a step.

Maybe, after finishing your manuscript, you’ve done what many do, which is to stick the manuscript in a drawer for a month so you can read it with fresh eyes. But during that month, join Publishers Marketplace and research agents. Read Miss Snark’s blog and learn tips for querying. Go to local readings and talk with the authors and editors there. Write your back cover blurb. Write your one-line elevator pitch. Work on your next book. Get yourself in shape for your book tour. And most importantly, tell people where you are in the process. You might be surprised by how many would be happy to open doors for you.

Finally: believe in yourself. You wouldn’t have wasted all that time if you didn’t have something to say. Take that next step with confidence!

P.S. If you missed this link in the comments section, it’s worth it to put those rejection slips into perspective: Joshua Bell plays in the subway.


My boys and I spend too much time lately watching Criss Angel videos on YouTube. These videos make me laugh so hard, and some weeks, I need help remembering how to laugh:


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