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Question of the Month: Fire

by Susan Henderson on October 5, 2009

Tell me a true story about you and fire.


Wednesday, Dylan Landis will be here to talk about fire, mother-daughter relationships, and her debut story collection, NORMAL PEOPLE DON’T LIVE LIKE THIS. I hope you’ll join the conversation!

Oh, and here’s a link to an interview I did with Rick Kleffel while I was at the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley. We talk about writing, editing, agents, and publication; and he refers to me as “a fascinating combination of light and dark.” Enjoy!

Let me end with a thank you to the very talented and generous, Michael Hearst, a fellow Virginian living in New York. He lent us an awfully cool and quirky, antique organ, which my son has pretty much played non-stop since we got it.

If you don’t know Michael’s band, One Ring Zero, check out the link. This video’s from the new album, coming in 2010. (Hope you have your 3-D glasses!)